September 2018

the good fight

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Dear President Obama,
First, I would like to thank you for becoming the voice Americans now need to fight to maintain our democratic ideals. We are truly in a constitutional crisis, and your willingness to speak out against forces, led by Donald Trump, that undermine order and our long standing support for the free world, is not only greatly appreciated, but essential. Your standing not only in America, but the world represents a voice for freedom, justice, and equality.
At this time, we find ourselves looking at presidential power that has been used to create an over reaching ability to take down the constitutional directives of our society.
Your voice carries power, and it encourages Americans to use our own power and sensibility as we work to reclaim a strong America dedicated to the welfare of all.

Thank you, Mr. Obama

Nuclear Reactors 609 - China National Nuclear Corporation Is Working On Pool-type Reactor For District Heating

       My blogging about commercial nuclear reactors has focused on the generation of electricity from such reactors. In addition to generating electricity, the heat given off by nuclear reactors can also be used directly for industry and district heating.

Nuclear Reactors 608 - Terrestrial Energy Is Developing A Hydrogen Production System Utilizing Their Integral Molten Salt Reactor

       I have blogged about molten salt reactors (MSR). In a MSR, nuclear materials are dissolved in a molten fluoride or chloride salt. The molten salt becomes both the fuel for the reactor and the coolant for the fission reaction. The meltdowns feared in conventional power reactors are impossible in MSRs.

Immigration, Helping ha

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I like you for helping the sicks, the elderly, and the poor. I praise you for what you have done for the country. For that I never forget. What I didn't like is that you allow people coming here to the US illegally, taking away jobs from the American citizen. At least you didn't do much stop it. Yes they came here to work, hard working people, but also they came here to deplete the resources from the US. Not only that there are also more identity thefts than ever before, more collusions, and more corruptions. Sure we welcome immigration, but when they come here illegally, the US will be more and more into deeper water.

Japanese Universities And Companies Are Working On A Space Elevator



Tokyo Skytree

       Last week I blogged about the history of the idea of a space elevator that could reach all the way beyond an anchor in geosynchronous orbit. Cargo and people could be moved to and from orbit in elevator cars traversing the elevator. Today I am going to talk about current work and future plans for such a construction.

Nuclear Reactors 606 - New Nuclear Engine Under Development

      Nuclear power has been used to power ships and submarines. There have been attempts to use nuclear engines in U.S. aircraft and missiles, but it turned out to be impractical because of the need for heavy shielding to prevent emission of a lot of radiation. The Russians have announced a missile that they say utilizes a nuclear engine, but all the tests of the prototypes so far have failed.

The History Of Space Elevators

      When I was a little kid long ago, I read a comic book where a man in a spacesuit climbed a ladder all the way to space. It turns out that an elevator to space was first written of in 1895 by the Russian scientist, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. In 1979 two different novels were published by well-known science fiction authors that featured the construction of the first space elevator.