February 2012

Albuquerque Jobs - Is Job Market Report Accurate?

For those living in Albuquerque, jobs are one of the most vital elements to be considered. The bottom line is that today's household is still lacking the jobs it needs to maintain a prosperous living environment. With the recent jobs market report, it may seem like things are improving for the country, but are they improving for locals?

What's Happening in Albuquerque?

Albuquerque Job Market - Job Creation Is Key

While many people are waiting around for the economy to improve in Albuquerque, many know that nothing is going to get truly better until there is a true opportunity for jobs to be created in the city. New Mexico does have strong opportunities for this and at the recent legislative session, this was the talk of lawmakers. Finding ways to create jobs is the focus.

During the 30-day legislative session, which is entering its three-week, the governor of the state and lawmakers are looking for ways to encourage employers to hire and to build their businesses in the state and city. There are many ways to do this, but the governor's aim is to see an improvement in tax credits that would pull in companies. Here is what she's considering and promoting.