January 2012

Albuquerque Job Market - Home Depot Jobs

For those in the Albuquerque job market, the search for a job may come to a close. For some, the announcement this week that Home Depot would be opening up new locations in the city and creating more than 250 jobs is welcome news. According to the reports out of the company, the company will begin its nationwide hiring of some 70,000 employees for the seasonal employment needed. About 250 of those jobs will be in Albuquerque.

The company, which owns several stores in the area, will add between 30 and 35 jobs per location for the season. These jobs will be part time in most cases and most will come into play at the very start of spring. Some jobs will include customer service representatives while others will include shelving tasks. The goal here is to add numerous positions to accommodate the rush of springtime shoppers looking to improve their home, begin an outdoor project or even to help with the normal surge of construction work.

Government Employee Firings Hurting Albuquerque Job Market

New Mexico will continue to have a poor job market as long as businesses, and government offices, continue to lose employees. Job losses continue to be a big factor in Albuquerque. The economy seems to be improving but the very slow pace of it is hurting job creation and pushing employers to lay people off.

The Stats

According to recent numbers, from the point of November of 2010 to the following year, the Albuquerque job market lost about 1000 positions. This information comes from the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. What does this mean? The month of November marked the 38th month in a row that the area lost jobs. It is painful to many of those who are living and trying to work in this area.