Returning Vets and Albuquerque Job Market

Returning Vets and Albuquerque Job Market

Now that some of America's finest are heading back into the country, it is becoming more important than ever to have the job market open up. The Albuquerque job market is growing and as noted numerous times before, it is likely that 2012 will open the doors for new jobs in various new career fields. With the prospect of thousands of Vets, it is even more important that opportunities are available. This is something that the city is working on.

Tax Reform to Help

One way in which these Vets will find opportunities is through two state laws that will help to create additional jobs and will encourage those businesses currently hiring to hire Vets. Governor Susana Martinez signed both initiatives into law this week. Veteran owned businesses will also see a boost when they apply for state contracts. This could open the door for new opportunities for Vets across the board.

House Bill 10, for example, will provide a tax credit of up to $1000 to any business for each hiring of a Vet that's recently returned to the US. House Bill 97 is another important one. It will give up to five percent hiring preference for a business owned by a veteran when applying for state contracts.

Do you think that Vets coming back from the wars and duty overseas should have the opportunity to find jobs through these measures? Although many are very happy for the service, many more jobs need to be created for those citizens still looking for work.