New Albuquerque Job Market Opportunities?

New Albuquerque Job Market Opportunities?

Are you looking for a job in the great city of Albuquerque? Job market indicators may just be playing a big role in your ability to find a job in the city. According to some reports from, a local news agency, there are new jobs opening their doors in the city. If you qualify for them, you could find yourself in a new, long-term career with the company. These are not just retail jobs added to the payroll because of the holiday season.

Where Are They?

The following are some reports about the new jobs being added to payrolls in the Albuquerque job market just recently. Could these be the types of jobs you take on?

·         Tempur Pedic Mattress is looking for new employees. The organization is planning to hire on about 100 new employees by the month of February. Some will pay as much as $14 per hour.

·         Lowes has also announced it would be hiring. The organization plans to open a call center in the area. Initial reports indicate that the facility will provide about 850 new jobs to the city.

These are just two of the companies planning to add jobs to the area. Do these types of jobs provide you with the type of position that you are looking for to become fully employed? Thought many people are likely to compete for these positions, it is also likely that many will land full time careers because of the moves of these two companies. Many are hoping other area companies will begin to see the boost in the economy and hire, too.