Government Employee Firings Hurting Albuquerque Job Market

Government Employee Firings Hurting Albuquerque Job Market

New Mexico will continue to have a poor job market as long as businesses, and government offices, continue to lose employees. Job losses continue to be a big factor in Albuquerque. The economy seems to be improving but the very slow pace of it is hurting job creation and pushing employers to lay people off.

The Stats

According to recent numbers, from the point of November of 2010 to the following year, the Albuquerque job market lost about 1000 positions. This information comes from the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. What does this mean? The month of November marked the 38th month in a row that the area lost jobs. It is painful to many of those who are living and trying to work in this area.

Reports indicate that the private sector market did see improvement and job growth in the month of November. However, both the construction industry and the government trimmed payrolls further. The report indicates that the construction industry in and around the Albuquerque market lost about 3100 jobs over the last year. That's a huge 14.4 percent loss. The various government offices cut about 1200 jobs from payroll, too. That is another 1.4 percent drop.

The Albuquerque job market needs new positions but it also needs to stop shedding positions at such a rapid pace. That's easier said than done. Are you still on the market for a job? Which industries do you believe need the most attention moving forward? Are you a government employee that lost his or her job?