The Albuquerque Job Market's Low Ranking

The Albuquerque Job Market's Low Ranking



In a recent analysis of the job markets throughout the United States, it is clear that some cities are seeing record job growth. So, the question is, how is the Albuquerque job market fairing against other large cities across the county?

According to the report, an On Numbers calculation of the data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics only five cities in the country rank as having the highest employment numbers they have had in the last ten years. If the country is actually in an economic recovery, jobs will be at the heart of it. If the largest cities in the country are not hitting new highs in employment levels, this could signal a problem.

However, in Texas, things are looking up. For example, the top five high-ranking cities with the highest job levels right now in the previous decade include the cities of Austin, El Paso, McAllen Edinburg and Houston. Pittsburgh, PA also comes in at the top of the line.

Where does Albuquerque rank when it comes to high employment numbers? It does rank, at number 67. According to the data, the metro area of Albuquerque had 370.500 jobs in the month of October 2011. The highest number of jobs in the area in the last ten years was 398,000. There is still significant loss in the market.

Unemployment factors continue to hurt the city. However, the city is seeing some growth in jobs. As long as that growth remains positive, it could help to push the area into a recovery overall. How are you fairing now that you are in the heart of the holiday season in the Albuquerque job market?