Albuquerque Job Market More Stable Than Others?

Albuquerque Job Market More Stable Than Others?


A recent news release from the city indicates that the job market in Albuquerque seems to be trending along similar lines of other major cities in the United States, though it may be more stable than most. If you are looking for a job here, do you find that the market has been negatively impacted by recent economic trends?

According to the data released by the City of Albuquerque, the job market fared better than most other cities of a similar size in the recessions that hit in 2001, as benchmarks indicated in 2003 and 2004. However, new job trends have some worried that this city will suffer the same fate as others where manufacturing jobs move out and nothing but service jobs remain available.

Another interesting trend is that the ten-year average rate of annual job growth in Albuquerque is higher than the average in the US. Keeping this in mind, many would ask where additional jobs are occurring in the city.

Your Situation

Are you dealing with job loss and financial strain as an individual living in Albuquerque? Are you considering moving to find a job? For many individuals, the key to finding a great career in the city is to focus on regular applications and networking, the two most important steps in narrowing down your options.

The city's job market may be growing and expanding in the years to come. The individuals who are able to bend and flex their skills to becoming more valuable within this marketplace are the most likely to achieve the goals they have in finding long term employment they can rely on. What steps have you taken to find a job in Albuquerque recently?