Welcome to Albuquerque Job Market

In 2009 Forbes Magazine ranked Albuquerque,NM the number 11 best place in the nation for business and careers. It has a diverse economy consisting of government, services, trade, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and research and development.

Despite the diverse economy, New Mexico has seen a decline in job growth over the last year and it's unemployment rate sits at 7.5(the national unemployment rate is 9.8). In the last year Albuquerque has lost 14,500 jobs, and 30,900 throughout the state. The new mayor calls the situation "grim".

But what does this mean to the average person? Have you or your family been affected by lay offs or unemployment? Share your stories here at Albuquerque Job Market. This is your community to share ideas, information and support in these tough economic times.

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